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Stars of Egypt player Mohamed El Shahed signs at Primera Division Club Rayo Vallecano

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

A dream comes true...

We are thrilled to announce the signing of our talented player Mohamed El Shahed with Rayo Vallecano Football Club in Spain. We wish Mohamed all the best with his new club and a bright future, for him and every Stars of Egypt player.

The story

Mohamed El Shahed, a 17 years old goalkeeper from Egypt who used to play for Al Gezira Sporting Club Football team as an amature player was dreaming of becoming a professional footballer in Europe one day. Last year he learned about Stars of Egypt and the opportunities we offer for players to chase their dream becoming an international Football Star when he decided to join the Talent Development program early this summer.

Mohamed is a very talented goalkeeper, works very hard and directly from the start he felt at home in the group. After a detailed assessment to both technical and physical levels we developed a tailor made training program for him to further develop his physic and improve the most important technical attributes of a modern international goalkeeper.

Stars of Egypt International Talent Trials

And then the magic happened. During one of the first Stars of Egypt Talent Trials in Caïro Mohamed was scouted by Peter Khalife of SSSM, one of our international partners. He saw the great potential of Mohamed and directly started to explore opportunities to place Mohamed in the growing number of Professional Football Clubs in Europe and Middle East that are partner of the program. This eventually resulted in a very promising opportunity for him at Rayo Vallecano Football Club, one of La Liga Football Clubs!

Mohamed was very excited about this opportunity and worked very hard to achieve his best technical mental and physical condition before going for the trails in Madrid. Luckily Mohamed was accepted to join Rayo Vallecano Youth team starting a new chapter in his career in his quest to be a football star ⭐️.

About Stars of Egypt

Egypt has a huge potential of very talented football players but there was no platform were talented players could showcase and develop their talents. Stars of Egypt is the National Talent Identification and Development program for Egyptian Football players in the age of 6-18 years old. Our aim is to discover more talents like Mohamed Salah and give Egyptian talents a well structured pathway and fair chance to manifest their dream of becoming an International Football Star. The program was launched by the end of 2019 by Amr Mehanna and Wouter Lagendijk of StarLab under auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and has already developed a number of very talented players. Mohamed El Shahed is the first player of the Stars of Egypt program who signs a contract abroad.

Stars of Africa

Due to the success of the program in Egypt we are now planning to launch Stars of Africa and make the program also accessible for all African Youth Players. Stars of Africa is the Continental Talent Identification and Development Platform for the most talented Football Player in Africa. We collaborate with Ministries of Sports, Football Federations, Sports departments of Universities and Independent Academies throughout Africa to make this dream come through. For more information go to the website

Are you interested to join us on this journey or to become a partner of the Stars of Egypt or Stars of Africa program? Contact Wouter Lagendijk or Amr Mehanna for more information.

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