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Welcome to StarLab SMC


The StarLab Sports Medical Centre (SMC) provides top-quality medical services to both private individuals and all amateur and professional athletes in Egypt. We aim to build a national network of 19 Top Rehab & Performance center all across Egypt. The opening of  the first SMC in Cairo is part of a 15-year during Sports Development plan under supervision of Prof. Dr. Ashraf Sobhy – Minister of Youth & Sports.

Our services

  • Top sports testing, treatment & training  

  • Physiotherapy & Rehab services

  • High Performance Gym & Restaurant

  • Education 

The Future of Rehab and Sports Performance

The  SMC has an important role in creating a more professional sports climate in Egypt.

First location is planned to be opened in May 2021 in Nasr City Cairo, next to the Cairo Olympic stadium. The centre will facilitate both private individuals and the Athletic journey of all Egyptian top and foreign African athletes to avoid long travel to Europe.

  • The centre brings world-class expertise and advanced testing, rehabilitation facilities and performance training to Egypt and other African countries - all available under one rooftop.

  • We serve both private individuals and Egyptian athletes and federations and is certified by the most Egyptian health insurers.

  • Quicker rehabilitation, lower life time costs, better performance and improving results,

  • In a later stage, regional satellite center will be opened to support the main centre.

  • The developing plan includes training and education of Egyptian professionals in the field of personal training, physiotherapy and sports medicine.


Top Sports: Testing, Treatment and Training

Egypt and many other country in Africa have a long lasting an rich sports history. In order to stay competitive and ahead of the fierce worldwide competition there is a need to take the current sports medical- and rehabilitation services and performance training in Egypt to a higher level. A more professional sports infrastructure will deliver more future Sport Stars.

The sports doctors, (sports) physiotherapists and manual therapists at the StarLab SMC have extensive knowledge and experience in the treatment of injuries common in sports such as groin, knee, ankle and hamstring injuries. 

By using our advanced facilities and the collective expertise of physiotherapists and sports doctors, injured athletes can get back on their feet and their level of form again as quickly as possible.

SMC services include specific sports-related advice, medical examinations, injury consultations, rehabilitation and Top sports performance training.


Our exclusive gym is the most inspiring and motivating playground for everybody in Cairo who wants to take his health and performance to the next level.

Here you find a dynamic mix of both top athletes and private people. All striving for a next step in their sports or their professional career. Train under supervision of the most skilled Personal trainers in Egypt and achieve results you never expected. After a training you can enjoy a drink and healthy and nutritious meal in our restaurant.


High Performance Gym

Rehab & Physiotherapy

As our guest, you will feel comfortable at StarLab SMC. You will experience a new standard of healthcare. Our staff is working according to the latest and most advanced protocols in the world. You can expect next level assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation for all of your needs.


Our  team of Senior Physiotherapists, and Rehabilitation Experts will advise you on a tailored range of treatment options. These interventions will not only get you back on track as soon as possible, but also improve your performance and reduce the likelihood of more costly medical treatments in the future.

Our partners

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