Africa has huge potential of extremely talented football players. Sadly, a lot of these talents in the middle of their prime time don’t get a chance to find their way to the top or have negative experiences with illegal scouts and agents who are not delivering what they promise. A European Commission’s Study on Sports Agents claimed that increasing numbers of young West African males were undertaking very expensive clandestine journeys to Europe under the false pretence of a contract or trial with a professional football club.


Stars of Africa is an independent talent development platform and is offering African talents a reliable, economic, realistic and well-structured pathway to Europe and the rest of the world. 

On country level, we work in close cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and we have an international network of football scouts from various professional clubs in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Gulf area – to give our young talents a successful first start of their professional career.



Beside our football objectives, we aim to contribute to the social and economic development plans for increasing social cohesion, youth development, poverty reduction and sports participation in Africa.

We strongly believe that football offers a great opportunity to open new pathways; empowering kids to change their reality and become stars both on and off the field.

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The program gives African talents the experience to live their dream as a professional football player. We offer several packages to train, play and live like a professional player living abroad - starting from 1 month to a maximum of 6 months.

During these months the players learn how it is to live abroad, to adapt themselves to a new culture, to train, play and live on a professional level and to prepare themselves to showcase their talents to international scouts. For the selected few SOA provides a comprehensive development plan including education, coaching, nutrition, performance training, matches and training.

The program has a lot of benefits for both African football academies, club scouts and players and aims to close the gap between Europe and Africa. 

  • More economic: Our performance center is located in the Cairo Olympic stadium in Egypt. So instead of buying expensive flight tickets from Africa to Europe and staying in expensive hotels; our center in Cairo offers a HUB for both football talents and club scouts. This is reducing both the risks and costs for all parties involved, which makes the program more affordable and accessible for both talents and international club scouts.

  • High level of training: Our coaches all have UEFA A licence and have a successful track record in developing youth players and coaching professional football teams.

  • Multicultural environment > we learn the talents how it is to be a world citizen and live in a multicultural environment which prepares them mentally on their path Europe. 

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Do you want more information about our packages for the most talented players in Africa. Please contact our headquarters in the Netherlands.

Mr. Wouter Lagendijk

Managing director

- +31-6-32055558