Africa has huge potential of extremely talented football players. Sadly, a lot of these talents in the middle of their prime time don’t get a chance to find their way to the top or have negative experiences with illegal scouts and agents who are not delivering what they promise. A European Commission’s Study on Sports Agents claimed that increasing numbers of young African males were undertaking very expensive clandestine journeys to Europe under the false pretence of a contract or trial with a professional football club.


Stars of Africa is a continental independent talent development platform and is offering African talents a reliable, economic, realistic and well-structured pathway to live their dream of an international football star.

The main goal of the program is to identify and develop the most talented youth players of Africa and to give them an "ultimate star experience" by joining a yearly Stars of Africa tournament competing with the most talented youth players (U19/U21) of Africa and some international guest teams. The first continental tournament is planned in the summer of 2023 in the Cairo Olympic Stadium. Every year another African country is hosting the tournament.

"Africa has a huge potential of very talented football players. We strongly believe that a continental football development platform offers a great opportunity to open new pathways for the people of Africa; empowering kids to change their reality, perspective on life and become stars both on and off the field"

The program is designed by the Dutch Sports Development company StarLab under supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports in close cooperation with  a pool of international youth coaches and performance trainers. It aims to give African talents the experience to live their dream of becoming an international football star and ignite them to further develop their talents.



Beside our football objectives, we aim to contribute to a better sports infrastructure in the country and to the social and economic development plans for increasing social cohesion, youth development, poverty reduction and sports participation in Africa. 

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Do you want more information to participate in the program as a youth football association, sponsor, club scout or football academy? 


Please contact our headquarters in the Netherlands.

Mr. Wouter Lagendijk

Managing director

- +31-6-32055558

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The program gives African talents the experience to live their dream as a professional football player. By joining the continental program African kids get the chance to:

  • To train according to worldclass standards

  • To train and compete with the most talented youth players of the African continent

  • To change their perspective on life

  • To learn how it is to live abroad 

  • To adapt themselves to a new culture

  • To live a high performance lifestyle

  • To showcase their talents to international club scouts


The program has a lot of benefits for all stakeholders involved; such as Ministries of Youth and Sport, African Football academies, international club scouts and sponsors. 

  • Ministries of sports and youth football associations: with a more centralized approach the development and overhead cost of the program are spread among all the participating African countries. This makes it more economic for all African countries to further develop and professionalize their training and identification methods and offer a World class program and unique experience and opportunity for their kids to showcase and develop their talents. 

  • Sponsors: for sponsors with an interest in the growing African economy it is a good opportunity to increase their brand awareness and social impact across Europe and the African continent.

  • Players: the kids thave the possibility to really live their dream, showcase their talents and compete with the best players of Africa.

  • The people of Africa: football is by far the most popular sport in Africa. The program gives the African population a very nice experience and a reason to be proud of their most talented kids.