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First Stars of Egypt players selected to join football trials at Rayo Vallecano in Spain

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

After 2 years we are happy to announce that the first players of the Stars of Egypt Talent Development Program have been selected to travel abroad and join professional football trials at Rayo Vallecano - the third club of Madrid. Last week Dr. Ashraf Sobhy the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Egypt gave a press conference.

During the press conference the Minister of Youth and Sports announced the Future Plan of the National Football Talent development Project 'Stars of Egypt': The national project to discover football talents will provide the future with leading players for the Egyptian national team according to a scientific framework. Dr. Ashraf Sobhi confirmed that the ministry has a national role to help discover talents according to scientific and practical thinking and has a great vision to discover more talents and to develop more Egyptian stars like Mohamed Salah, Trézéguet, Ahmed Hijazi and Mohamed Al-Nani.

The Minister of Youth and Sports clarified, "This project falls within the framework of the Egyptian National Sports Development projects, and the tasks of His Excellency President Abdel Fat tah Al-Sisi, for comprehensive development by selecting Egyptian talents in all sports. Egypt has a very big population of young people, Egyptian people love football, so we strive for great development".

The project is scientifically thought out and developed by StarLab Sport Development from the Netherlands with a group of international experts from England, Spain and Netherlands. The newborn will be trained in a national network of Stars of Egypt Football academies across the country. By joining international talent trials the most talented academy players get the chance to showcase their talent to international club scouts and get selected to play at European clubs or Egyptian competition. From this point in their career they take their chances to join the Egyptian national team.

Currenty we are investigating the opportunities to establish partnerships to launch the program in other African Countries and Middle East.

For more information please contact us.

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